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How the water scattering ceremony works

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How the water scattering ceremony works

The patent pending Eco Water Urn is designed to allow families to scatter ashes of a loved one in the ocean, river, lake or the beach with dignity and ease. The Eco Water Urn comes packaged in a beautiful bamboo case, which serves to protect the water urn while it is stored and/or transported. It is also attractive display for a water scattering event or ceremony.

Once the Eco Water Urn is placed in the water, it will float upright with the top portion easily visible above the water. The proprietary urn is designed to float like an upright buoy for up to a few minutes (time depends on the weight and water conditions) after which the bottom portion submerged in water will begin to dissolve and release the cremated remains, freeing them to spread underwater.  The remaining top portion may continue to be visible for a short time before sinking and dissolving out of sight.

Families have the option to write special messages on the surface of the Eco Water Urn with a marker.  The Eco Water Urn can also be easily combined with a beautiful plant wreath or flower leis from your local florist which can fit nicely around the urn in the water.  Another popular option is to simply spread flower petals in the water around the urn.


Preparing / Filling the Eco Water Urn

  1. Remove the Eco Water Urn from the bamboo case and completely remove the packaging from around the urn
  2. Next, place the funnel provided into the 2 inch diameter hole located at the top of the Eco Water Urn and transfer your loved ones cremated remains inside
  3. The Eco Water Urn can be used with up to one set of cremated remains. Once the remains are transferred in, check to see if the Eco Water Urn is at least about half full.  If it is less than half full, simply add some sand from the beach/shore or fine pebbles until the urn is about 50 to 60% full to achieve the best upright floating positioning (Note: if the single set of cremated remains fills the Eco Water Urn more than half way, then that is perfectly fine)
  4. As a final step, remove the cap from the plastic bag and press it firmly into place over the hole on top of the urn so it is flush with the top part of the urn and so it completely seals the 2 inch diameter hole. 
  5. Place the sealed Eco Water Urn back in the decorative bamboo urn case for safe keeping while it is stored or transported. Always keep it upright during transport

Placing the Eco Water Urn in a Body of Water

  1. Carefully lift the Eco Water Urn out from the bamboo case keeping the urn upright
  2. Write messages on the Urn if desired with a marker and or prepare any flower lei’s, wreaths or flower petals you plan to use in combination with the Eco Water Urn
  3. Lastly, gently place the urn upright in the water – over the next few minutes your loved one’s cremated remains will be completely freed into the water below

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