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How to Hold A Tree Planting Ceremony

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How to Hold A Tree Planting Ceremony

Many people are looking for modern, fitting ways to remember their loved one. With around 70% of all people opting for a cremation in urban areas and 56% in rural areas, finding a farewell that incorporates their ashes is critical. One option that is growing in popularity in Australia is a tree planting ceremony with The Living Urn.

Planting a tree provides a lasting, living memorial of your loved one. Incorporating your beloved’s ashes into the planting process ensures that their memory lives on, and will grow and endure in their honor.  


What is a Tree Burial Planting Ceremony?

A tree planting ceremony is a moment in time where family and friends come together and reflect on a loved one who’s passed and plant new life, a living tree memorial, that will grow and endure in their honour.

This ceremony typically involves a loved one’s cremated remains, The Living Urn bio urn and planting system, and a young tree of choice. The Living Urn is a biodegradable urn and planting system that allows families to grow a beautiful memory tree with the ashes of a loved one.


How Does it Work?

You will first need to order a Living Urn bio urn and planting system and choose a tree well suited for the location you intend on planting the tree.  Every Living Urn comes with detailed planting instructions to make it easy for families to plant once you received the ashes from the funeral home or cremation service provider.

The Planting Ceremony


The first step to take is to decide the date you will hold the planting ceremony. It will be after you have received the cremated remains back from your funeral or cremations provider. Ensuring you find an appropriate time when as many loved ones can attend is good idea, as the ceremony will be meaningful for all those who attend.

The next step is to choose a location for the tree planting ceremony.  You will need to ensure the location offers the correct growing environment for the tree to thrive, so be mindful of shade/sun, and exposure to wind. Most families will plant at multiple homes of the family, or at a particularly meaningful public location. You will have to check with your local municipality to confirm your public options.

Once the date and site of the planting has been organised, you should now think through if you would like a celebrant or funeral director, or someone to host the ceremony. If you intend on not using a celebrant, consider if family members or friends would like to say any words to honour the loved one who passed. In the spirit of the planting ceremony, many families choose to hold a less formal ceremony, and focus on the celebration of life.   

To commence planting the tree, you will have to prepare the planting site, which includes removing any weeds and digging the hole. Some families prefer to have the planting site prepared before commencing the ceremony, while others make it part of the ceremony, giving people the opportunity to participate.

Many families will prepare Living Urn bio urn prior to the ceremony by transferring the ashes into the planting urn. The Living Urn is intentionally designed to be used with any amount of cremated remains.  Families are able to transfer the remains themselves, or ask the celebrant of funeral director if they would prefer. From there, we ask that families follow the planting instructions provided in the Living Urn package.

After the tree is planted, many families choose to continue the ceremony or celebration. Having people speak after the ceremony, pause for a moment’s silence, or simply admire the living memory that has been planted are all ways to add to the occasion. Your loved one will now grow in it’s special location, maintaining an enduring memory of a celebrated life.


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