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Planting Instructions

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Planting Instructions

Outlined below is a step-by-step set of planting instructions for your Living Urn. Follow these instructions closely to ensure your newly planted seedling thrives.  If you have any questions, please contact us at - we’re here to help!

Step 1: Prepare your Seedling

After receiving the seedling, carefully remove all packing materials and the plastic pot the tree came in. Carefully pry the roots and attached soil from the small pot, and very gently loosen the root system by running your fingers across it lightly.  

Step 2: Prepare the Hole

After ensuring that the selected location is away from structures, dig a hole, wider than seems necessary, so the roots can grow outward without crowding. The hole should be at least 80cm in diameter and 30cm deep.  To aid root growth, make sure the soil is turned and loosened.

Step 3: Prepare The Living Urn

Remove The Living Urn from the bamboo case, remove the paper label and take the lid off. Carefully pour the cremated remains into the The Living Urn (if not done so already), and pour the entire bag of RootProtect ash neutralizing agent on top of the cremated remains (found in the bronze bag). Gently press on the ash agent to compact.

Step 4: Prepare the Soil

Using your own organic soil mix (make it sure it does not contain any fertilizer), mix it with the original soil from the hole. Set this soil off to the side as it will be used in the upcoming steps to fill the remaining space in The Living Urn on top of the RootProtect ash agent.

Step 5: Plant The Living Urn and Tree

First, place The Living Urn in the hole (the RootProtect ash neutralizing agent should be on top of the cremated remains). Next, gently lower the root system of your seedling into the remaining empty space of The Living Urn. Make sure that the base of the seedling trunk is level with the ground - if required, add additional soil (created in Step 4) on top of RootProtect mix to ensure tree level is correct. Once level, fill remaining space with the soil mix created in Step 4 and compact gently to ensure the seedling is held firmly in place. This soil should be firm but not too tightly packed.

Step 6: Water your Tree

Water your seedling and the surrounding area generously.  For the first 4 to 6 weeks, you will need to water every 2 to 3 days, adjusting for deep rainfall days. In making the decision to water, if in doubt, pull some of the soil back from the root area and, if the soil is dry, water again generously. Be sure to put the soil back after each check.

Step 7: Add Woodchips

After the water has soaked in, spread a protective mulch layer (about 10cm) deep in a 50cm diameter around the base of the seeding, but without touching the trunk. We have provided you wood chips, but you will likely need additional chips to cover the entire area adequately - mulch is a newly planted tree's best friend so be generous.

Step 8: Ongoing Tree Care

The soil and mulch around your tree or plant should be kept moist but not soggy. During dry weather in the Summer, water the tree every few days during the first two years. The water should soak into the soil and mulch – you want water to reach the depth of the roots, but avoid watering so much that you see standing water.

Important Considerations

  • Do not use fertilizer or chemicals with your new seedling for the entire first year, as this will likely harm the baby tree.
  • Consider using fertilizer for the second year in the ground, but wait for the tree to leaf out before beginning any fertiliser program
  • Consult a local nursery for their recommendations for fertilizing the specific type of tree you are growing; a timed-release formula works well as it releases the fertilizer periodically throughout the growing season

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