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Makayla Willett

"Father’s Day has always been a very difficult day for me these last 4 years. The Living Urn was incredibly accommodating in helping me plant a tree for father's day in remembrance of my dad...This was such a special way to always remember him and a beautiful reminder he is always near... He would be so happy to see this Willow tree grow in his remembrance. I would recommend this process to anyone, it is so sentimental and very unique. So thankful.."

L. Welnick

"I ordered the Living Urn after my daughter, Amber, passed away on May 10th. After her husband passed away in January, 2017, and with her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Amber made me aware of her wishes if something happened to her. She wanted half of her ashes to go back to Hawaii to be with her husband, Stuart, and the other half of her ashes in a Living Urn..."


"My Neice, Shyan, tragically lost her battle with addiction about a year ago, on Mother's Day. She was a vibrant soul with a great laugh and a smile that was infectious! Somewhere along the way, she found out about The Living Urn, and told her mother that when she died she wanted to be a tree! She spent time in a recovery home for women at a remote location in Tennessee... Even though she is missed everyday we have a beautiful reminder of her!"

Christina Stark

"I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you of the Celebration of Life we had for my Mother May 12, 2018. The Living Urn was such a beautiful expression of her life and its lasting reminder that she is still with us in some way is very comforting. The event was beautiful and moving to every single person there. The lights at the bottom of the tree had a name card on each one of them with the name of the Child who lost their Mother before mine and their Mothers name on it. We recognized and celebrated all of those Mom's as well during this beautiful day. Thank you!!!"

Heidi Sloane

"Today we placed it in the front yard. Our 8 year old son can now visit his daddy any time he chooses. We can't wait to watch it grow and blossom! When it is big enough I plan to place a bench at it's base to sit and reflect..."


"I just wanted to take a second to write a little testimonial on a truly beautiful one-of-a-kind gift. My father suddenly passed two years ago and I wanted to make his two year remembrance special, I wanted to do something different, something my dad would love and appreciate, something to lift our spirits."

Virginia Stallard

" It was a beautifully warm and sunny day. It is also a day in which my promise to honor Bryan’s final wish is fulfilled. When we learned of this memorial called “The Living Urn”, Bryan loved this idea. He wanted his ashes placed here in the mountains that he fell so deeply in love with... Forever in my heart""

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