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Where to Plant a Bio Urn and Grow a Memorial Tree

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Where to Plant a Bio Urn and Grow a Memorial Tree

The Living Urn, Australia's leading bio urn and planting system, has been used by tens of thousands of families worldwide to create living memorials of loved ones. 

Do you love the idea of a Living Urn tree burial but don’t know where to plant?  You’re not alone. This is a common question received by our customer service team. Surprisingly, even without a yard or obvious place to plant your Living Urn, there are still many options available to you. Our customers have been resourceful and creative finding wonderful ways to give back and honour their loved one. We’ve highlighted a few of the most popular ones below.

  • Plant on Your Own Property. We believe many families choose a special, meaningful place on a family property, or yard, to plant their Living Urn memory tree. While some areas do not have any rules, others may, and you can simply check with your city or county to find out. If you want to plant on your property but think there is a possibility you may move in the near future, one option is to plant a portion of the remains with The Living Urn and keep some to plant another in the event you move. The Living Urn is designed to be used with as much or as little of the cremated remains as desired. In fact, we have many families that will split up cremated remains among family members and plant multiple Living Urns or simply keep an amount for other uses.
  • Plant on a Friend’s Property. Even if you don’t have a yard, most people know somebody who does (or knows somebody who knows a person who does). The person with the available land enjoys a beautiful new tree and you receive get the peace-of-mind knowing that your loved one’s enduring memorial is at a place where you can visit and it can grow and thrive!
  • Plant in a Large Pot. Not all trees grow well in pots, however, there are smaller varieties, along with plants and flowers that can grow and thrive in pots. Simply order The Living Urn without a tree and pick up a large pot (the larger the better), some potting soil, and a small tree, plant or flowers of choice. Then, plant The Living Urn along with your loved one’s ashes to grow a beautiful mobile living memorial!
  • The Living Urn Indoors. Another option, recently introduced by the team at The Living Urn, is to order the new Living Urn Indoors and plant your loved one’s remains with this special bio urn indoors or on a patio. Choose from The Living Urn’s selection of bonsai trees, or pick up your own bonsai, plant, or cut flowers to plant with The Living Urn Indoors! This new system comes in three colours – white, blue and beige.
  • Plant in a Park. Parks are beautiful, and most are protected areas that are here to stay. We’ve heard stories from many families who have planted their Living Urns at local city parks, state parks, and even in national parks. However, it is very important to first ask and obtain permission. We have seen that many parks are open to the idea and welcome a new beautiful tree for the community to enjoy. Since it is a public space, there are often a list of specific trees the park will allow. Also, many parks have tree donation programs – we have had families ask the park service to combine their Living Urn planting with the local tree donation program and this is a wonderful way to give back, honour a loved one and grow a living memory!
  • Plant at a Church. Churches are staples in the community and many have a lot of available land. We’ve had many families get permission from the church and do a planting on their grounds. In fact, some churches are even setting aside space to plant Living Urn memory trees to honour members of their community. This is a beautiful option and friends and family can visit the tree memorial of a loved one every time they attend church, reflect on your loved one as they pass by the church during their daily routine, etc.
  • Plant at a Golf Course. Was your loved one an avid golfer? Or, did they simply love the beauty of the golf course?  If so, one option is to contact your local golf course and see if they would be okay with a tree planted on or adjacent to the course in honour of your loved one. We’ve found that many courses are open to this idea and we’ve heard many amazing stories of plantings at some of the most beautiful golf courses throughout the world!
  • Plant at a Local Cemetery. Another option is to ask your local cemetery, memorial garden, or green burial ground if your loved one’s bio urn and tree can be planted there.  Many are open to this option and welcome a beautiful tree on their grounds for everyone to enjoy.

    If you’re in a situation where you cannot plant a tree memorial of a loved one in the yard where you currently live, you still have many options available. We’ve also had many amazing stories and testimonials from families planting their loved one’s living memorial at all kinds of special places such as a friend’s home, golf courses, churches, parks and more.

    The Living Urn was designed to be an uplifting and affordable memorial option for everyone and our customer service team is here to help you identify the available options for you. Our goal is that all families who want a living memorial are given the opportunity to honour their loved one in this special way.

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