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Corymbia Baby Gum Details

The Basics
Description: smaller than most grafted flowering gums, this gorgeous tree flowers all summer long with huge heads of bright orange blossom, followed by showy gum nuts, and a repeat flowering in autumn. Because it is grafted, it will grow in most soil types and in coastal climates.

Size:3m high x 3m wide.

Cultivation: plant ‘Baby Orange’ in well-drained soil, or in a potting mix formulated for native plants, in full sun or light shade. It needs protection from frost. Water regularly until established, and apply a fertiliser in spring.

Special Comments: prune lightly after flowering to maintain a shrub-like appearance, take all the finished flowers off before the plant wastes energy on gum nuts. Ideal for a courtyard, and for container planting.

We Love Them With
A simple mass under-planting of Dianella‘ Little Jess’, which works as a living mulch and has contrasting bright blue berries on show when these stunning gums are flowering. Use them in native gardens to achieve vertical interest and get height without freaking out the neighbours! It’s a perfect tree for sunny small spaces, terraces and balconies.

Like many native plants, they’re sensitive to phosphorous so be sure to only use native plant fertilisers or ones with a phosphorous level less than 3%.