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A Daughter's wishes

A testimonial from another amazing Living Urn customer..

"I ordered the Living Urn after my daughter, Amber, passed away on May 10th. After her husband passed away in January, 2017, and with her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Amber made me aware of her wishes if something happened to her. She wanted half of her ashes to go back to Hawaii to be with her husband, Stuart, and the other half of her ashes in a Living Urn. When she first mentioned it to me, I was not aware of the Living Urn but Amber provided me with information from the website. She did not make it known to me where she wanted the tree planted. Amber had two connections in her life. She was born in Yankton, SD, attended school and then graduated from the University of South Dakota. The other connection was in Oahu, as she moved there in 2002, met her husband and lived there until after his death. Due to her health issues, we moved Amber to Arizona and she lived with her brother, his wife and I was nearby. After some thought and talking with her brother, I decided the Living Urn and half of her ashes needed to go back to Yankton, SD. My first call was to a Yankton funeral home and they directed me to the Parks and Recreation Department. To my surprise, Yankton has a memorial tree program, but they were not aware of The Living Urn. I completed all the paperwork and was approved for the tree planting with half of Amber’s ashes. The date that was chosen was September 15th. The Living Urn Company was very helpful in getting this approved with the City. The Living Urn also provided me with a name and number of a contact person from the company so that the Parks and Recreation department could address any concerns or questions. Lisa Kortan from the Yankton Parks and Recreation called and talked with Mike at the Living Urn, as she had questions regarding the size of the urn and other details. She stated that he was very helpful. Lisa also picked out the tree, which was an Amur Flame maple, as she is aware what type would work with the weather and soil conditions. The Memorial Tree planting took place at Westside Park, which is a beautiful park with a duck pond and Amber also played there as a child. It was a great way to honor Amber and with lots of family and friends attending. I have told so many people about the Living Urn and the great customer service that was provided by the company. The Living Urn is a great way to honor someone’s life."

L. Welnick