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Forever in our hearts

A testimonial from another amazing Living Urn customer..

"Forever in our hearts, we remember you with love and affection my dear husband. It was a beautifully warm and sunny day. It is also a day in which my promise to honor Bryan’s final wish is fulfilled. When we learned of this memorial called “The Living Urn”, Bryan loved this idea. He wanted his ashes placed here in the mountains that he fell so deeply in love with. I found a wonderful place where the tree will grow and flourish. Making sure it would be taken care of properly I planted this lovely apple tree in a spot that will provide it plenty of water year round. The tree will grow tall and full. It will bloom Radiant pink flowers in the spring. Each flower will grow into an apple. The fruit will provide a welcome meal for birds, deer, elk, moose, and many small animals who live in the area. The circle of life continues on in his loving memory... Forever in my heart"

— Virginia Stallard