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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Living Urn

Do I use all of the ashes? Or, can I just use a portion?

The Living Urn was specifically designed to hold any amount of cremated remains. We make it large enough to accommodate all the remains. However, if you want to use only a small amount that will work perfectly too.

Many customers prefer to split the ashes amongst many family members, so everyone can have a lasting memory tree for themselves. It’s a special way for to remain uniquely connected. For more information about ordering large quantities, please email

Can I use the Living Urn with cremated remains that I’ve kept for years?

Yes, absolutely! You can use the Living Urn with cremated remains of any age.

Can I plant the Living Urn in a pot just in case I move?

Many of our customers plant their tree in a pot so they can transplant it later. The minimum pot size we recommend is 40cm tall by 30cm wide.

If you are planning to move, we also recommend using a portion of the ashes, so you can grow another tree wherever you go!

We can also provide an Indoor urn on request. Please contact us for more information.

Can I store the ashes in the Living Urn whilst I wait for the tree?

After your Living Urn is filled with the cremated remains, you can place it back in the bamboo shell container for storage while you wait for your seedling. Just ensure you keep it upright and in a dry place.

Does the Living Urn have an expiration date?

The Urn itself will last indefinitely if stored in a dry place. Our proprietary soil mix typically is best within the first 12 months. The seedlings have a shelf life up to 5 days. We recommend planting your seedling within a few days of its delivery.

Why do you have a proprietary soil mix? 

Cremated remains or ash from both, humans and pets, have a high pH level and cause the surrounding soil environment to become highly alkaline when buried in the ground. In addition, cremated remains contain sodium in elevated levels. As such, cremated remains, when mixed or placed in soil, can create an environment inhibitory to plant growth.

Understanding this challenge, we tested a number of different soil combinations until we formulated our proprietary mix. This mix is added on top of the cremated remains in the Living Urn to buffer and neutralize the basic nature of the cremated remains and normalize the pH levels in the soil to levels suitable for healthy plant growth.

Why is it better to grow a memory tree from a seedling instead of a seed?

Growing a memory tree from a seedling is simple and easy and has a much higher success rate compared to trying to grow a tree from a seed. First off, germination failure rates with seeds can be very high. Also, some species of seeds may require special treatment to assist with germination and this can be cumbersome and difficult. In addition, even if you are lucky enough to achieve successful early germination with a seed, surviving natural environmental factors such as weather, temperature, and other conditions such as wildlife can be a challenge.

We want the experience of growing a memorial tree from the ashes of a loved one to be a simple, easy and enjoyable experience for you and your family. We also want to be sure a beautiful, healthy and vibrant tree grows from the remains to honor your loved one. Therefore, our unique, proprietary growing system is designed to integrate seedlings, not seeds where failure rates are high. For this reason, we provide our customers with the very best, premium seedlings to ensure your loved one is memorialized in the right way and in a manner that they deserve.

What makes the Living Urn so reliable?

We put a lot of effort into curating and quality checking the trees we offer. We ensure the best tree species for your specific planting zone. This maximises reliability. Growing a tree from seeds can have a high rate of failure, so we invest heavily in getting the right seedling.

Once I receive my tree, how long do I have to plant it?

Sooner is better for planting the tree. We recommend planting within 5 days at most.

How large is the tree seedling?

Our seedlings range from 0.5-2 feet tall depending on species.


Can I order the Living Urn now, and get the tree later?

Yes. Simply order the Living Urn System only, and when you’re ready to have the ceremony, you can order from our growing selection of trees.

Can I get my own plant from a local nursery?

You can definitely order the Living Urn only and purchase the seedling of your choice from a local nursery. We generally advise you choose one of our trees, as our trusted nursery partners ensure that each tree and is thoroughly checked prior to being sent out. Having that quality check provides a much greater likelihood of growing a successful, healthy tree.

When will I receive my tree seedling?

All seedlings are shipped directly from our partner nurseries. We typically bundle our deliveries Monday-Friday to ensure that the seedlings are fresh and ready to plant. The service team, or our nursery partner will notify in the days prior to the delivery. If you need your seedling sooner or by a certain date, please contact us and we will do our best to try to accommodate.

What is the guarantee on the tree seedlings?

We guarantee your seedling will arrive in a healthy condition or we’ll replace them at no charge.

We take pride in our nursery partners and set very high quality standards. If for any reason, your tree doesn’t take, we will be happy to replace it for free of charge.

I bought my LIving Urn from a Funeral Home, what should I expect?

If you purchased your Living Urn from your Funeral Director, they will give you the option of buying the Living Urn only or purchasing the Living Urn with a tree.

As your trusted advisor, they will typically walk through your tree selection options, then present you with the Living Urn, the cremated remains and the tree of your choice in one package. You can also keep the cremated remains separate from both the Living Urn and the tree, and wait until you are ready to plant.

I would like a tree not listed on the website, can request it from the Living Urn Australia?

We’re happy to help. After ordering the Living Urn only, feel free to contact us to request a different plant. We’ll try our best to source the tree you want.

Other Questions

What do I do with the bamboo case after I’ve planted the Urn? 

After you plant your Living Urn, you can use the beautiful bamboo shell as a special container to store small possessions of your loved one, as a flower pot in the garden, or anything else that you can think of! It’s built to last.

Is the Living Urn environmentally friendly?

Yes, we’re proud to say the the Living Urn is made entirely from all natural materials. We rely on a combination of wetting and drying our materials and applying pressure to form our Bio Urn. Our boxes, or outer shells, are handmade from 100% all natural bamboo, which is a sustainable material.

All of our products are handmade and do not involve machinery or chemicals providing us with a very modest carbon footprint.  

What makes the Living Urn the best bio urn Australia?

While there are presently several urn products available on the market that integrate a tree seed, the Living Urn is Australia's only bio urn that integrates a planting system and healthy seedlings into one package. The quality of our materials, the care we put into ensuring tree quality and the proprietary design make it by far the best bio urn on the market.