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With The Living Urn

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Why Choose The Living Urn?

Elegant Design

We've spent years developing a proprietary all-in-one system, providing everything a family needs to grow a beautiful and enduring memory tree.

We also focused on the aesthetic. Most bio urns on the market are poorly displayed and presented. Our stunning bamboo housing ensures The Living Urn is admired by families when they walk into your Funeral home.

Flexible service offering

The LIving Urn couples perfectly with whatever service you have in mind.

From cost conscious families who want direct cremation with an intimate memorial, to those that are looking for an expansive celebration of ones life - The Living Urn caters to both families.

The Living Urn offers Funeral Homes an opportunity to remain an integral part of the memorial process.


100% Biodegradable

The Living Urn is comprised of only the highest quality eco-friendly materials and components, which is important to many families.

It's 100% natural and biodegradable, made from recycled plant-derived materials and is completely free from glues or toxic binding agents.

We take great pride in being 100% environmentally friendly.

Working with The Living Urn is simple

You work with the family

Being the trusted advisor to the family throughout a difficult time, we work directly with the Funeral Director to ensure the family gets the perfect urn and tree to create an enduring memory.

Our Funeral Director partners are able to offer The Living Urn separately (allowing the family to choose their tree at a later date), or walk through the tree selection process with the family every step of the way.

See our most recent digital brochure here.

We deliver what you need

We deliver the urn, planting system and tree (if selected) of your customer's choice, along with our catalogue, planting instructions, handwritten note and any other collateral you require.

We work closely with the Funeral Director to ensure we have exactly what you need at precisely the time you need it.

We encourage our Funeral Homes to hold a handful of Living Urns in stock, however we are able to drop ship direct to the family if needed.

We provide ongoing support

As part of our ongoing commitment to producing personalised, memorable ceremonies, we continue to work with our Funeral Director partners on perfecting the combination of The Living Urn and their service offerings.

Our dedicated support representatives are available 24/7 to answer any questions of fulfill orders.

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What are our customers saying?

"When I had to plan my funeral, I was pleased to know I could have The Living Urn, as well as using my local funeral director"

Jacqui W.

4 JAN 2019

"The team at the Living Urn went above and beyond to ensure the Urn and plant were delivered right on time. Mum's service went without a hitch"

Steve & Wendy S.

15 NOV 2018

"I found out about the Living Urn through my funeral director. We selected a Jacaranda for Mum. It was such a beautiful ceremony." I

Margaret L.

11 DEC 2018

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