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Remember them...

With The Eco Water Urn


Why choose The Water Urn?

Designed for the Water

We've spent years developing a proprietary system that provides an elegant and consistent Water scattering ceremony.

Many other urns advertised for a water ceremony wither sink too quickly or take far too long. The Eco Water Urn's consistency has made it the most popular Water Urn.

Along with the specifically engineered degradable vessel for ashes, the Eco Water Urn also comes in a beautiful bamboo urn case which makes it easy, convenient and safe to transport to the water burial site.


Timed Release

The Eco Water Urn was specifically designed to float in a controlled manner and be visible to the family prior to completely releasing and freeing the ashes in the water.

The shape and special materials we use are the key as the weight distribution allows the urn to float for one to two minutes after which the bottom will fall out releasing and completely freeing the cremated remains.

This gives families control and comfort knowing the ceremony will be beautiful and dignified.


100% Biodegradable

The Water Urn is comprised of only the highest quality eco-friendly materials and components.

It's 100% natural and biodegradable, made from recycled plant-derived materials using only water, heat and pressure and is completely free from glues or toxic binding agents.

Our outer shell packaging is handmade from natural bamboo. We take great pride in using only environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Create a beautiful water memorial in 4 Easy Steps


Order Your Eco Water Urn

The Eco Water Urn includes everything you need to hold a lasting Water based cremation ceremony. The Eco Water Urn comes packaged in a beautiful bamboo case, which serves to protect the water urn while it is stored and/or transported. It is also attractive display for a water scattering event or ceremony. Included in the package is:

  • Patented biodegradable Eco Water Urn
  • Natural Bamboo Outer Storage Container
  • Memorial card


Select Your Location

Australia has a bounty of beautiful waterways to remember your loved one. Whether it is at the beach, deep in the ocean, in a river or lake, you have the option to select the most fitting farewell.

By using the Eco Water Urn to scatter the ashes in water, you can choose any location with confidence that the ceremony will be simple, elegant and at one with nature.


Choose other accompaniments

The Eco Water Urn can also be easily combined with a beautiful plant wreath or flower leis from your local florist which can fit nicely around the urn in the water.

Another popular option is to simply spread flower petals in the water around the urn.

Others like to include a keepsake in the Eco Water Urn, so that it finds it's final resting place with your loved one's ashes.


Hold Your Ceremony

When you are ready to start the ceremony, the Eco Water Urn is placed in the water and will float upright. It's designed to float like an upright buoy for up to a few minutes after which the portion submerged in water will begin to dissolve and release the cremated remains, freeing them to spread underwater. Shortly after the remaining top portion will be visible before gracefully dissolving out of sight.

To assist, our support team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or problems.

Scatter their ashes in your loved one's favourite place - the water.

What Our Customers Say About Our Urns

"My Dad loved being on his boat. When he passed, there wasn't many good options to remember him. I found the Water Urn and knew it was perfect. "

Tom Bell

17 Feb 2019

"We have a dam at the back of our property which we swim in... Knowing our that's where our daughter had great memories fills us with comfort."

Stevic Family

22 Sep 2018

"We went down to the beach at sunset and said our farewells off the rocks. Watching the ashes slowly blend into the water felt right...Thanks guys"

Sophie Howard

7 Apr 2018

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